General questions
We have several classes throughout the week and once registered your are allowed to attend them all! Check out our classes page!
At Kildonan Karate you can start anytime. It's more of a drop-in system where you can go to as many (or as few) classes as you want, whenever! All for the monthly registration cost!
Unlike many other sports, we don't have a designated "off season". Karate goes right through the year.
When planning classes for Kildonan Karate we kept in mind that people are living very busy lives nowdays and we want to try and accomidate for that aswell. So with us, Karate can be practiced in combination with other sports or activities.
At Kildonan Karate, we charge $50 a month for the All Ages class, and $35 a month for Tiny Tigers. We also have a family deal where families of 4 pay $150 per month.
Yes you do! If you already own A Gi, the two month special becomes $59 for two months of training.
At Kildonan Karate you're allowed to come try out a few classes before you commit to Karate.