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Who are we?

Kildonan Karate is a family friendly Karate Dojo, where you can train in a place where you are supported by those around you.

Message from Sensei Steve

My motivation to learn, to teach and to promote karate has never been greater- karate is my passion! In the past several years I have traveled a lot to try and experience a diverse range of the teachings of karate instructors.  I have trained under the best instructors I could find and will always continue to do so.  I will always push myself to be a better teacher, student and person.  Karate is not just in the class setting, but a way of life.  For the students I believe in not just teaching a skill, but also coaching, inspiring and empowering them.  

Mission Statement

As a proud member of the World Traditional Karate Organization (WTKO), our goal is to provide a safe, respectful learning environment to allow students to take their karate to the highest level possible.  In pursuit of that high level of karate, the students will develop confidence and cultivate a more refined character that will carry over to their everyday lives.

Why should you join?

Our family friendly dojo provides quality Traditional Shotokan Karate instruction. Karate has a multitude of benefits for students in many different domains- all while having fun and learning self defense! Additionally we offer 5 days of training a week, all from experienced instructors.


Confidence - Focus - Memory - Disipline - Self-control


Strength - Balance - Agility - Coordination - Flexibility


Perseverance - Respect - Patience - Integrity - Humility